PLAN Institute


Plan Institute for Caring Citizenship works to reduce the isolation of people at the margins of society, and to enable the contributions of all members of our community.

Global leaders in social enterprise, we connect people, germinate ideas, and incite action. We advocate for policy reform, train leaders, support organizations, create social innovations, facilitate networks, and initiate dialogues.

We offer training, consultation, research, and publications – for individuals, families, organizations, support workers, and professionals. We collaborate with community groups, government, and business.

Successful projects include:

Our core values of family leadership, relationship building, contribution, and resilience drive this work. We also build on more than 20 years of PLAN experience, working with families to build a good life for people with disabilities.

Plan Institute is the first Canadian non-profit organization to conduct an externally verified social audit. We successfully overhauled adult guardianship legislation in British Columbia and fostered the global Philia Dialogue on caring citizenship. We are also a member of the Ashoka Global Fellowship of social entrepreneurs. .

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