PLAN Institute

Plan Institute History & Impact

Incorporated in 1999, as a “citizen sector” charitable organization, Plan Institute was created by Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network to support individuals, families, social innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals, organizations and communities who are interested in learning about the values, concepts and actions of caring citizens.

Plan Institute provides training, consultation, research, publications and organizational support related to family leadership, social network facilitation, social enterprise, caring citizenship, dialogue and social innovation. Through policy reform, workshops and learningsocial network facilitation , social enterprise and dialogue, our work is focused on connecting people, ideas and actions.


Plan Institute is the first Canadian non-profit organization to conduct an externally verified social audit. We successfully overhauled adult guardianship legislation in British Columbia and fostered the global Philia Dialogue on caring citizenship. We are also a member of the Ashoka Global Fellowship of social entrepreneurs. .

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