PLAN Institute

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Plan Institute believes communities become more hospitable, caring and resilient as a result of the contributions of people who are marginalized and their families. Our goal for the future is to be the leading influence on caring citizenship in Canada, recognized for improving the lives of people with disabilities, their families and their communities.

Our Mission

It is our mission to reduce the isolation and loneliness of people who are marginalized and ensure that the gifts and contributions of all members of a community are welcomed. We improve the lives of people living on the margins of society and enrich their communities by creating opportunities for mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships to form. We promote the leadership and participation of people with disabilities and their families in helping us to revitalize our communities. We do this by creating opportunities for dialogue, collaboration and partnership.

At heart our work addresses the yearning for belonging and meaning that are the central tenets of citizenship. While it is informed by the experiences of people with disabilities, their families and their communities, the concepts and principles have meaning for all of us.

Plan Institute is the first Canadian non-profit organization to conduct an externally verified social audit. We successfully overhauled adult guardianship legislation in British Columbia and fostered the global Philia Dialogue on caring citizenship. We are also a member of the Ashoka Global Fellowship of social entrepreneurs. .

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