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I Know Your Loneliness

April 6th, 2017

Photo courtesy of Gary Radler: By Helen Ries I can see the little picture poking out from under your pillow. It is dog-eared and crumpled but the smiling faces of our mother and father still beam up from the glossy paper. You have been sleeping with this picture by your side for over a year now. I know you…
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You Are Not Alone

March 30th, 2017

Planning for our loved-one with a disability’s future can be intimidating and often one doesn’t know where to start or who to reach out to. Over the years we have discovered that the best way to start is by connecting with other families who are in the same situation, by sharing information, resources and making connections. When we share with…
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Partnering to Spread RDSP Awareness

March 16th, 2017

  On September 1st, 2016, Plan InstituteDisability Alliance of BC (DABC), and the British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society (BCANDS), with support from the Vancouver Foundation, launched a new 4-year project partnership called Access RDSP with the mandate to increase the number of British Columbians who have a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP). This project was…
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Qualified Disability Trusts

March 8th, 2017

By Halldor K. Bjarnason & Hiva Parandian The new rules around Qualified Disability Trusts may affect the estate planning of those who have used trusts in their wills to leave inheritance for their loved-ones with disabilities. Over the years, trusts have become less and less beneficial from a tax perspective.  Trusts are treated as separate entities for tax purposes. Each…
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It’s Good to be Lost

March 6th, 2017

Posted by on One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was to not make any decisions. Not because I didn’t want to but because I didn’t know what I was dealing with. It was a disorienting experience. I had come from a job where for years I made dozens of decisions daily…
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Working with the Korean Community

February 23rd, 2017

By Bosang Lee, Executive Director of Here and Now Community Society I first discovered the book Safe and Secure: Seven Steps on the Path to a Good Life for People with Disabilities in 2012, when I was searching for information and advice about what and how to prepare for my son with autism who was soon to become an adult.…
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Ten Innovations that have Shaped the World of Disability

February 22nd, 2017

By Al Etmanski In previous posts I have highlighted that social innovation is not an incremental change to the status quo but a substantive, disruptive one. Social innovations improve our ability (whether as individuals, families, networks, communities) to define and solve our challenges, rather than looking for outside help. Important by-products of social innovation should include greater resilience, less vulnerability,…
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What a meeting between a PM and a Prez can teach you about advancing your agenda

February 21st, 2017

By Al Etmanski Especially when you are meeting for the first time with people who are distracted by their own priorities and indifferent to yours. Whose worldview appears different than yours. Whose behaviour you may abhor. Who have considerably more power than you do. Who have the potential to cause harm to your membership or constituency. And who you want…
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Tough Love

February 10th, 2017

Posted by on Here’s a little Valentine’s essay for all the caring change-makers out there, especially those whose efforts are ignored or misunderstood. Marrying love with justice isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes an open heart to fall in love with the mystery and brokenness of your challenges and to make, as the…
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Access RDSP Partnership

February 6th, 2017

Since September 2016, DABC, Plan Institute and the BC Aboriginal Network on Disability Society (BCANDS) have been helping clients to access the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) and the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) through our Access RDSP program. Our free support includes: RDSP information sessions One-to-one support with the DTC A toll-free RDSP & disability planning hotline RDSP navigation for…
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