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Flourishing into Life

October 4th, 2012

FlourishKarin Schwier’s new book Flourish creates the right conditions for a little hell to break loose.

That’s because it pays attention to the real stuff of life – beauty, love, hospitality, longing, desire, messiness, passion, pleasure, joy, celebration…

This remarkable book tells the story of dozens of folks who have dumped their labels, stamped on their stereotypes and burst through traditional mindsets about having a disability.

You are drawn into Flourish until you too are ready to enlist in an important revolution – a revolution that declares the meaning of life isn’t your diagnosis or condition but being creative, doing your bit and helping out. Flourish reminds us it’s long overdue to throw off the anchors of neediness, pity and charity and to pay attention to what is life affirming and fun.

The people in this book are a vanguard clarifying a new paradigm of belonging which must have equal status alongside those focused on rights or rehabilitation.

Karen Melberg Schwier is the Boswell of the disability movement. She has been our scribe, and chronicler – writing with both authority, and affection about the borderland between the world of service delivery and a good life. She cherishes her characters, their struggles and surprises. We can soar on the warm thermals of opportunity Flourish sets loose, inspired to create the conditions for all lives to flourish.

It’s available from Amazon for $20.00 or

an eBook or pdf version: is available from the author for $10 (epub format suitable for iPads and most e-readers)

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