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Perfect Prom Dress and a Date

June 1st, 2012

Shannon has a story in the Vancouver Sun today!  Shannon has friends, real friends, some of which she has had for over 13 years and that is something to celebrate.  I was in touch with reporter Kim Pemberton to share Shannon’s story and she agreed that this is a story to be told.

Kim interviewed one of Shannon’s teachers, Shannon’s prom date and her dance partner for this article.  She also organized for Shannon’s best friends to take part in a photo shoot, I’m not sure if her friends will ever trust me again after that experience but the photographer knew the shot he wanted, with helium balloons, a purse held out ‘like a wee little bell’ and a gown draped over Shannon’s lap.  He was right, the photo is stunning, the only thing missing was the final member of the group, Kara, who woke up sick that day and couldn’t make it.

Kim did an amazing job of the article, I hope Shannon’s story inspires other families to keep on trying, friends are so very important and Shannon is going to have so much fun at the Prom, her friends have made sure of that!

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