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Saturday Night Visit to the Tattoo Parlor

July 13th, 2012

Two years ago Shannon’s friends came up with a plan, they wanted to get a piercing together, I wasn’t all that keen on the idea. When Shannon was very young I had decided that ear piercing wasn’t in her future. With all the complications Shannon had experienced in her young life I didn’t think adding the risk of infection from ear piercing was such a great idea. That was before the little voice on the phone convinced me that ear piercing was actually a great idea, something you do with your friends.

The phone call that changed everything came from Kara. Kara was in about grade 2 or 3 when a small group of girls decided they would go together and get their ears pierced. Kara wanted Shannon to go with them so her mom suggested Kara give me a call. I answered the phone and the cutest little voice shared her plan with me. “Mrs. Bromley, a group of us are going together to get our ears pierced, would Shannon like to come with us?”. I barely needed to hear the whole question and before I knew it Shannon had her ears pierced!

Now years later they did it again, this time to celebrate their upcoming graduation from high school. The group of them, including boy friends and a brother, rode the Skytrain downtown, crammed into a little room and one at a time had various parts of their ears pierced. Just as the first time around, Shannon’s friends held her hand, took pictures and cheered her on. Not knowing how Shannon would react I prepared her ear with Emla cream and gave her some Tylenol before heading out. I was invited only for the actual piercing, then I headed home and waited for the call to pick her up at the Skytrain.
Grad Piercing Video

A few of them went for something to eat afterward and didn’t leave the restaurant until it closed. Seems they were locked out of the elevator leaving at such a late hour so the boys grabbed her chair and carried her down the stairs to the street. I got the call at 1:30am to meet her, she was laughing when I picked her up, she’d had an amazing night, one filled with friends, memories and a piercing. I’m so glad I listened to the girls, they were right to insist that Shannon join them. And yes, if the group of them decided it would be fun to jump off the bridge, I would at least consider it!

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