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We have many workshops and seminars aimed at assisting families. These range from two-hour telephone and in-person seminars, to four day retreats. They assist families with the nuts and bolts of relationship-building, financial literacy, accessing services and future planning. They also enable families to connect with others in similar situations, and share the challenges and joys of caring for people with disabilities.
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Download resources, articles and listen to audio clips.

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Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) works with people with disabilities, their care-givers and families, to secure a good life.

Since 1989, PLAN has been enabling families to nurture networks of caring relationships around their loved ones, to access the services they need, and to create secure financial futures.

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Families can join the PLAN network of families by signing up for our free E newsletter, or by becoming a PLAN Member.

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PLAN is built from the experience and graft of families themselves. We welcome enquiries from those who wish to support plan by offering knowledge, services, or expertise. Please contact us with your ideas!

PLAN enables families to create a good life for people with disabilities.


Work with us to give your loved one a network of caring relationships, a sound financial plan, opportunities for contribution and supported decision-making, and a place to call home….



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