PLAN Institute

PLAN Affiliates

The following organizations are licensed as Plan Institute Affiliates. Autonomous and self-sufficient entities, Plan Institute Affiliates subscribe to the core organizational objectives and values of PLAN and Plan Institute.

Together Plan Institute and its affiliates form a mutually supportive umbrella voice for people with disabilities and their families.

download Partners for Planning
Toronto, Ontario
. .

PLAN Edmonton
Edmonton, Alberta
. .

PLAN Calgary
Calgary, Alberta
. .

Citizen Advocacy
Ottawa, Ontario
. .
PLAN LOGO-transparent Planned Lifetime Networks
Kitchener, Ontario
519-772-4399 ext 2760
. .

LifeSPAN (Lifetime Secure Personal Assistance Network)
at The Together Center Campus
16315 NE 87th St.  Suite B-7
Redmond, WA 98052
. .

PLAN Okanagan
Kelowna, British Columbia
. .

If you would like to kick-start a new organisation, develop community networks, or revitalise family connections, please check out our Family Leadership retreat and learn the nuts and bolts of building relationship based organization!



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