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Tyze was created by Plan Institute for Caring Citizenship, based on 20 years experience building real-life personal networks for people who have been marginalized. Plan Institute created Tyze to widely distribute PLAN’s strategic and proven approach to addressing isolation.

Tyze is a social networking service that provides private, secure, online networks of support.

Tyze networks revolve around a specific person and a specific situation. A network could centre on a senior who has suffered a stroke – enabling his caregivers and friends to support his desire for greater independence.

From a shared calendar, to goal and task lists, stories and photos, and unlimited file storage – Tyze offers practical and creative tools for building community, sharing information, enhancing life’s joys, and coordinating care and support.

Thousands of seniors, individuals with disabilities, those experiencing chronic illness, professional caregivers, and families are using Tzye networks now to enrich their lives.

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