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Salon Series

The Plan Institute Salon Series invites you to partake in a unique opportunity to join in dialogue and inspired learning with international leaders in social innovation. This series is an unprecedented opportunity, designed as a platform to bring leaders in thought and change into a conversation about social innovation.

Salon Series is designed to further the conversation on belonging and citizenship, inclusive, caring communities and diversity. Drawing from both national and international scholars of disability studies, social finance, public policy, social innovation and social enterprise the Salon Series will provide a platform for a conversation and inspired learning.

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Past series have included:

Specialisterne: Harnessing the talents of people on the autism spectrum
Date: November 5, 2013
Presenter: Thorkil Sonne

Specialisterne is an internationally recognized leader in harnessing the talents of people on the autism spectrum by providing them with the opportunity to sustain meaningful employment. Thorkil Sonne is the founder and Chair of Specialisterne.

Trust, Power and Understanding – How Government Community and Business can strengthen their impact together
Date: October 26, 2011
Presenter: Christian Bason

In a time of unprecedented turbulence, how can public sector organisations increase their ability to find innovative solutions to society’s problems? Christian will show how agencies can use co-creation to overcome…

The Ten Laws of Love and Power
Date: November  28, 2011
Presenter: Adam Kahane

For twenty years, Adam Kahane has worked around the world on critical challenges: food security, health care, economic development, judicial reform, peacemaking and climate change. In his book, Power and Love: A Theory and Practice of Social Change, Kahane delves into the dual natures of power and love, exploring their subtle and intricate interplay.

Salon Series Partners:


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Social Innovation:

Transforming deeply rooted social problems by introducing new ideas, practices, policies, relationships and resources in the direction of greater resilience.


Social enterprise:

An organization, usually non-profit but sometimes for-profit, that seeks to earn revenue while achieving its social and economic justice objectives.


Social financing:

The leveraging of multiple sources of financing to achieve long term, accountable, social impact while generating an economic return.




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