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Social Enterprise

We have a practical definition of social enterprise. It has evolved based on our experiences at earning revenue while pursuing our social mission and program objectives. To us, social enterprise is not a funding strategy. It is part of the culture of PLAN and is infused into everything we do. We define social enterprise as any program or product that:

Social enterprise has many benefits. It enables us to:

To view Al Etmanski’s talk on Five Good Ideas about Social Innovation , click here.


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Leaders in the citizen sector who want to extend impact, durability and scale of their work should check out Thinking Like a Movement retreat. With four days of intensive learning with other social change leaders, participants will explore the complexities of systemic change while reflecting on personal roles and responsibilities.


Social Innovation:

Transforming deeply rooted social problems by introducing new ideas, practices, policies, relationships and resources in the direction of greater resilience.


Social enterprise:

An organization, usually non-profit but sometimes for-profit, that seeks to earn revenue while achieving its social and economic justice objectives.


Social financing:

The leveraging of multiple sources of financing to achieve long term, accountable, social impact while generating an economic return.




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